Roof Coating

We give our customers only the best materials and workmanship in the business. We firmly believe that proper prep work done on the roof is the most important part of giving a premium roofing system that will give you Superior leak protection and will last much longer. We strive to make sure your roof is 100% waterproof before we even apply the Elastomeric Coating!

Roof Repair

Roofs get more abuse from the elements than any other part of the house or building. Preventative maintenance is a key element to saving money on your roof by providing a longer service life. By ignoring roof repair and maintenance your home could endure mold damage, severe water damage and other serious problems. Having your roof inspected on a regular basis and making minor repairs when necessary will vastly reduce the probably of even larger or more expensive problems occurring.


A roof system can be installed on a new or existing building. Roofing a new building, where an entire roof assembly is installed from the deck up, is called new construction. When a roof system is installed on a building that already has a roof, it is called re-roofing. Re-roofing means removing the current roof, removing the roof under layment and examining the plywood deck. After making any necessary deck repair, new under layment is installed over the clean deck and add the roofing material. Re-roofing may involve re-installing the existing roof tiles or installing new roof tiles. On shingle roofs, new shingles are installed.  When an existing roof system has to be removed, it is called a tear-off.